Attic 24 neat ripple pattern

This week's FCPF (Free Crochet Pattern Friday) Category is: Stash Buster Blanket Patterns. Share this post with As always, all images are used with the permission of the Designers and Crocheters specified in the Pattern links so feel free to Share, Share, Share! Stash Buster Neat Ripple Pattern by Lucy of Attic24. 16. Nov 15, 2017 The Attic24 WOODLAND CAL will begin on Friday 5th January and will run for 8 weeks. There will be a full picture tutorial here on my blog for the new ripple pattern. Each week I'll share the colour stripe order for the Woodland blanket I'm making. ♥ The WOODLAND YARN PACK contains 15 x 100g balls  ripple alcohol

30 aug 2013 Mijn “Neat Ripple pattern” van Attic24! Een maand lang was dit patroon mijn vast avondritueel. De materialen. De wol die ik gebruikt heb is Stylecraft special DK double knit. Je hebt dan 17 + 1 bon nodig. 17 voor de strepen en 1 extra voor de rand. Ik heb mijn spullen gekocht op de webwinkel 6 maart 2015 Een van die patronen is de ripple blanket, te vinden op de blog van Lucy van Attic 24. ( -ripple- ). Het patroon leent zich ook heerlijk om met kleurtjes te gaan lopen stoeien. Want je kunt zoveel kleuren erin verwerken als je wilt. Een heleboel verschillende  ripple brand Jul 23, 2014 Stormy Seas Ripple 4. Pattern: Neat Ripple from Attic24 in interlocking colours. Yarn: Classic 8 Ply 100% Wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills (used doubled) in 640 Tasman Blue, 732 Seaquest, 743 Poseidon, 658 Mallard and 764 Grey. Hook: 6.5mm (yarn used doubled). Size: 1.2 x 1.15m Weight: 1.6kg!

Feb 24, 2013 This is my first ripple blanket and the first time I have done a 'ripple'. I once again looked about for a suitable pattern and chose Attic 24's neat ripple pattern as Lucy also beautifully illustrated this pattern with a handy photo tutorial, perfect for this first timer. As for the design, my eye was drawn to a lovely  May 20, 2013 Neat Ripple Pattern by Lucy from Attic 24 – Using beautiful bright colors, you can work up this fantastic design for yourself. Step by step crochet instructions are provided with photos so you can easily follow along to make your own. You'll love the finished product regardless of what colors you choose. magic ripple

Attic 24 neat ripple pattern


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Posted 6 weeks ago. <p><a href=" crochetmelovely: Gorgeous crochet inspiration! :) Posted 6 weeks ago. tumblr photo. Posted 6 weeks ago. tumblr photo. Posted 8 weeks ago. Crochet Handbag Free Patterns & Instructions. Posted 8 weeks ago. Neat Ripple pattern by Lucy of Attic24. Posted 8 Mar 17, 2016 I have worked on this blanket furiously none-stop since the kit arrived. I am all rippled out. I might be all crocheted out and my intention of making another blanket might have to be shelved for sanity's sake. But, here she is in all her coastal ripply glory! Finished in time for my self-made deadline,… kenneth ripple Jun 22, 2014 Ok guys, I finally finished that afghan I mentioned in my last post. It's not that it takes terribly long to do, it's more that in the last few weeks I've been doing waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy more reading that anything else (other than working, but then againmaybe even more than working lol). This afghan started After more than a year, I can finally say that I've finished the crochet ripple afghan for Steve. Yay! I used Attic 24's Neat Ripple Afghan pattern which is pretty easy to get into a rhythm of crocheting. Unfortunately my wrists tend to hurt after just a few rows which is one of the contributing factors to how long it took. I'd set it aside  dewalt 18 volt xrp battery replacement Mar 2, 2013 Attic24: Neat Ripple Pattern. Classic ripple crochet pattern combined with the snuggly softness of TLC Baby Amore creates a beautiful, yet easy gift for baby. Add color changes for an Hexagon Crochet Baby Blanket – YouTubeHexagon Crochet Baby Blanket 1:23 Add to Baby Blue Granny Ripple blanket by  These pretty balls of goodness will (hopefully) be transformed into a ripple blanket using Attic24's Neat Ripple Pattern. Side note: I think my dad loves the quilt I made for him. I cannot WAIT to get back to sewing – knowing I have quilts partially made for the girls is driving me crazy. Want to get those finished up so I can start a 

Jul 13, 2016 I decided upon a ripple design for this project. I thought this pattern worked well as the waves of the sea. I have used Attic 24's neat ripple pattern which can be found on the Attic 24 blog. When working the sand part of the design I used a sparkly Rico crochet cotton alongside the Stylecraft cotton and I'm  ripple api Feb 9, 2014 Crochet has been my dear friend this winter. Piled under the weight of folded, colorful cotton fills me with contentment as the snow falls gently outside my window. Attic 24 is a wonderful site to find some inspiration for your needle; I used the Neat Ripple Pattern for this soft and cozy afghan. ryzen hashrate ethereum Dec 28, 2015 I finally finished this blanket that I've been working on (on and off) for months! Went for heathery colours in real wool using local wool by Briggs and Little (). I used this ripple pattern – -ripple- I'm really pleased with the end Mar 8, 2016 I'll let you know if I ever get around to it. What a fun and colourful crochet blanket. The ripples are definitely an eye catching pattern. Am I the only one that gets bored of a project before it is completed even though I love the pattern? Have any of you made a blanket from Attic 24's neat ripple blanket pattern? Aug 19, 2015 I grabbed any colours that could be deemed 'boyish' and chose the neat ripple pattern from Attic24. Random. Ripply. Relaxing. Of course a few stripes in my little man made his appearance and it has been sat in a basket going on 4 months. So last week, needing to get my cro-mojo back, I set to it once 

Aug 29, 2013 I followed the Neat Ripple Pattern over at Attic24, and finished by squaring off the ripples and adding a single crochet border – one row of the cream, one of purple. If you're interested in crocheting a ripple blanket, I really recommend checking out Lucy's pattern – it is very clear and has lots of handy  ripple opinioni vision like water ripples Sep 27, 2015 I have made two of her blankets: the neat ripple and the cosy which I am immensely pleased with. This summer I found I started one stitch in and stopped one stitch from the end so that I had space for the edging to go all the way around. Labels: attic24, blanket, boy, crochet, log cabin, Lucy, projects. I discovered the attic 24 blog after visiting Yarndale and it inspired me to start crocheting again! This is Lucy's Neat Ripple pattern which is on her blog at Attic 24. I am using Stylecraft premier Acrylic and just choosing colours as I go!!

gtx titan 6gb ethereum hashrate Jan 2, 2012 Starting in November, I ripple ripple rippled my way through Lucy of Attic 24's lovely Neat Ripple Blanket, following Shanti's (from Wires & Yarns) edging instructions. And as of this morning, I'm done. Finito. Done-zos. The final stitch was stitched. The last bits were trimmed and woven in. It's finished. ripples in the dirac sea pdf Jan 12, 2011 And a little B+L with their anniversary year. The pattern I used is Attic24's Neat Ripple Pattern, which is the same one I used for Brody's yellow blanket, which I never took an official pic of, but you can see here. It's a super-great flowing pattern that's easy to pick up when watching a movie or chatting or on  Attic24 Coast Stylecraft Special DK (15 Shades) - Product Description. Lucy from Attic24 has put this exclusive pack together for her gorgeous seaside Coast Blanket. Included in the pack we have the 15 (100g) balls of Stylecraft Special DK and instructions on the Ripple Blanket Know-how along with each of the Coast 

variations on chocolate ripple cake Dec 5, 2014 So… Check out the afghan choices,,, Then head to the Poll at the bottom to cast your vote!! 1. Neat Ripple Pattern Afghan.. By Lucy at Attic 24 This is a simple, fun afghan and color choices are limitless!!! If you haven't stopped by Attic 24, Make sure you do! Lots of great crocheting going on over there!! ripple roanoke va Feb 20, 2014 This is a free pattern for a soft and cuddly crochet ripple blanket. Makes a perfect gift for any new mom and also makes a great baby shower gift. Oct 22, 2017 ripple baby2. It's been nice to take a wee break from the yarn making business and do something fun and totally addicting. Crocheting always grabs me tight and I can't stop till it's done. I wake up thinking about when I can get back to it! IMG_6736. The Pattern is Attic24's Neat Ripple. This is my second 

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ripple vs stellar Thanks for the great pattern, Lucy! :) -ripple- And if you're wondering about the cool pillows, I made those for personal use *exactly* inspired by photos of Anna Vozika's wonderful creations. You can buy her patterns here: -vozika. ripple maker Jun 30, 2014 I appreciate all the nice things you said about my ripple in my last post. I thought I'd share a few more photos of it. I'm crocheting it with Attic 24's Neat Ripple Pattern. This popular pattern is easy to follow and it creates a beautiful, solid ripple design. I love open ripple patterns too, but I think this one makes  I started this blanket in December 2010 and finished it at the end of July this year. Hubby and I worked out it took about 106 hours to crochet. The yarn is Panda Magnum Soft 8ply in nine different colours and the design is the neat ripple pattern by Lucy of Attic24. It the largest project I've completed to date. Its home is now 

best offline ripple wallet Dec 6, 2014 It's like everytime I see a pattern or a finished item on facey or online, she's done it or posted about it. I saw that Heather had done a version of Attic24's Neat Ripple Pattern and I loved it. So I went to my local Spotlight and picked up 2 balls of each colour and 4 balls of white. I had no idea how much I'd need Aug 8, 2011 I took, on holiday, a bag of my favourite Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK and set about making ripples following Lucy at Attic 24's Neat Ripple Pattern. What a thoroughly soothing pattern it is too once you get into the rhythm. Sitting on the sun-drenched balcony, overlooking the Mediterranean,  fresh market indianapolis broad ripple Oct 31, 2017 Work 36 rows of pattern, following either the chart or the written instructions. It is strongly recommended that you use lifelines throughout the process of knitting this shawl. Written and charted instructions: Work rows 1 to 24 then rows 1 to 12 again, finishing on a wrong side row. Chart A Row 1: (RS): K, yo, k5 Apr 8, 2014 Replies. Robin Sanchez September 15, 2014 at 10:08 PM. The bright wavy one is from Attic 24 here -ripple- I used random colors. The blue one is my own pattern but there is one kinda like it here -we-go-stripey-blanket/ Jan 4, 2018 chevron ripple scarf crochet pattern petals to picots vintage fan stitch video tutorial the crowd free blog planetjune by june gilbank ribbed crochetkari meladoras creations zig zag attic24 neat how halfknits charity knitting and group miscellaneous classic back loop single newstitchaday com patterns puff Apr 7, 2014 Baby ripple blanket So… it's a bright sunny day, the spare bed is extended (waiting for the sheets to be changed) and here is a photo of the complete baby ripple blanket. It's made with the Neat Ripple Pattern from Attic24. I blocked it which has evened up the edges and generally given a neater finish.

Nov 12, 2015 attic24. What is your favourite crochet pattern you've either written or tried out? Oooo tough question….hmm….(engaging brain cogs to think about the oodles of patterns I've written)….I think it would have to be the Neat Ripple pattern, I've made five blankets using this pattern and it always feels exciting and  best digital wallet for ripple buy xrp with credit card Crochet a neat ripple afghan with the free pattern from Attic 24, featured at Craftown.Midge Mowgli Bright Neat Ripple Crochet Blanket 1425x1600 · Top 10 Most Popular Free Crochet Patterns On Ravelry And 450x338 · Lucys Neat Ripple Pattern Crochet Pinterest 640x480 · Attic24 Neat Ripple Pattern Autos Weblog 500x375 · Neat Ripple Crochet Blanket Pattern Attic24 500x375 · A Handful Of Hope WIP  2015-2-4 145 (schnibblesandscraps) Tags: pink baby white ripple gray. {Jan-8} (catcat78) Tags: rainbow jan ripple crochet yarn 8th. Ivory &amp; Grey Ripple (rt) Tags: ripple crochet wave attic24. coastal02 (ShelaghUK) Tags: ripple coastal blanket afghan throw attic24. coastal04 (ShelaghUK) Tags: ripple coastal 

Attic 24 neat ripple pattern


Jul 29, 2015 The pattern for this one comes from Lucy over at Attic 24. It's her Neat Ripple Pattern. I'm working this on up in Cascade 220 Superwash using a size G (4.0 mm) Bates crochet hook. Harlequin crochet blanket by Jen Shults. This next one is a new stitch I've just recently picked up from this fantastic pattern  r9 295x2 ethereum hashrate Mar 28, 2017 The pattern is granny stripe from attic24 which is a very neat and easy one and grows beautifully. The border is fairly simple with a few sc's and hdc's all around. This is the most beautiful project I did in such a long time, I never had the courage to take up a big project after last year's spring blanket, which  broad ripple united methodist church Apr 27, 2014 Stylecraft Special DK - Wisteria (1432). I'm currently using these colors for my second neat ripple blanket. You can find the pattern for this blanket here. Lucy at Attic 24 has so many fun patterns, I'm completely in love with her blog. Here is my version of her blanket. I really love these colors together, and it Dec 31, 2015 It's done using the Attic24 Neat Ripple Pattern I anticipation it will have a beautiful sand and waves look by the end. I have decided to do the pattern as back loops only as I prefer the extra bit of texture. Week 1. The first week (shown above) was only 3 days as I wanted it to end on the Sunday. Surprise 



Attic 24 neat ripple pattern

19 feb 2014 Even geleden haakte ik een dekentje met een zigzagpatroon en werd me meermalen gevraagd uit te leggen hoe je zo'n patroon (ook wel chevron of ripple stitch genoemd) haakt. Nu ben ik geen ervaren haakster (ik begon vorig jaar zomer), dus ik laat het uitleggen graag aan de experts over. Ik heb een